GOP megadonor pours $1M into primary against Arkansas Senator Boozman

One of the Republican Party’s biggest funders is working to defeat Arkansas Senator John Boozman in next year’s GOP primary.

Dick Uihlein, a prominent Conservative mega-donor, donates $ 1 million to a newly formed Super-PAC that works with Republican Jake Bequette, an Iraq war veteran and retired NFL player who challenges Boozman.

Uihlein, an executive at an Illinois shipping and supply company, has a long history of antagonism. Earlier this year, he paid a $ 2.5 million check to a super-PAC that strengthens hopeful Eric Greitens in the Missouri Senate, a former governor who resigned after being accused of his Sexually abusing the hairdresser. Senior Republicans have raised concerns that if Greitens won the primary, it would jeopardize the party’s chances of holding the seat in 2022. For the past several years, Uihlein has also endorsed the GOP lead challengers who face the then-Governor of Illinois and another Republican senator.

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