GOP picks final four in 2024 convention search

The choice of a congress city has played an important symbolic role in recent years. Both parties use them to issue letters of intent to compete for key swing states – and to draw attention and resources to these locations. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have left a potential battlefield for a convention city since 2004, despite the 2020 coronavirus affecting both parties’ plans.

Pittsburgh and Milwaukee – which the Democrats selected as the 2020 host city after losing Wisconsin in the last election for the first time in decades – are in two of the country’s closest battlefield states, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, while Nashville and Salt Lake City are solid red states of Tennessee and Utah. But that hardly rules out the latter two finalists.

Considerations such as hotel capacity, facilities, corporate sponsorship, and other factors can also play an important role in selecting a convention, as can a city’s ability to support the massive security apparatus that comes with a presidential nomination.

“The Republican National Committee is grateful and appreciative of the overwhelming interest of cities across the country in hosting the 2024 Republican National Convention. We will continue the process, reviewing offers and communicating with potential hosts to find out more about what their cities have to offer, ”said Richard Walters, Chief of Staff of the RNC.

The Republicans have quietly orchestrated the search for a convention city and filtered the list of eight interested cities to the last four. In October, officials from all cities interested in hosting the 2024 event traveled to the RNC headquarters in Capitol Hill, a gathering that effectively started the selection process.

The longstanding GOP fundraising campaign Anne Hathaway was elected head of the RNC site selection committee in August. Representatives of the cities under consideration are expected to be present at the upcoming winter meeting of the committee in Salt Lake City.

Other cities initially considered were Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Kansas City, Missouri, according to the person familiar with the deliberations.

Some of the cities considered are already familiar with the procedure. Milwaukee beat several other cities in a long bid for the 2020 Democratic Congress, despite the event being canceled amid the pandemic and the party choosing to hold a virtual congress instead, using facilities in President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

That same year, Republicans were scheduled to hold their convention in Charlotte, NC, before the city decided to cancel the event due to infection concerns. (Republicans were still handling some official congressional business in Charlotte.) The party then considered several cities as replacements, including Nashville. Republican officials eventually picked Jacksonville, Florida, but the plans were abandoned and the GOP eventually hosted a practically heavy event at which it was controversial that the White House was using then-President Donald Trump’s congressional speech.

Nashville has submitted its bid for the 2024 Republican Congress In December, just like Salt Lake City. Last month, Milwaukee has also officially submitted his offer with a 200-plus-page application. Former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who recently resigned to take on an embassy in the Biden government, previously said he was interested in it too do another piece to host the Democratic National Convention after the cancellation in 2020.

Like Milwaukee, Nashville is also in attendance for the 2024 Democratic Convention and could pitch a formal for the event. reported the Tennesseer last month. The National Democratic Committee sent letters to a number of local leaders earlier this year asking for offers.

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