GOP senator says Trump’s election allegations are unfounded

With a view to the 2022 midterm elections that could break the deadlock in today’s 50-50 Senate, Rounds said Republicans would have to overcome baseless allegations that Trump was cheated of a victory if they want to prevail.

“If we just look back and tell our people, ‘Don’t vote because you are being betrayed,’ then we are going to put ourselves at a great disadvantage,” he said. “So in the future we will focus on what it takes to win these elections. We can do this.”

Rounds also said he would not be in favor of Congress trying to pass a law preventing Trump from seeking another term in response to his Jan. 6 actions; he also did not support impeachment proceedings against Trump over the Capitol Riots because Trump was already absent.

But he also said that now that Trump is no longer president, he would not be exempt from prosecution if the Justice Department had a reason to.

“This presidency shield doesn’t exist for someone who is a past president,” he said.

Rounds would also not rule out supporting Trump as President in 2024.

“I’ll take a close look at it. Personally, I’ve told people that I will support the Republican candidate for president. I’m not sure if the final candidate has even emerged, ”he said.

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