Government 'exploring other options' to lockdown easing in England

A “government figure” has reportedly said Downing Street is “working out other options” than all Covid-19 coronavirus restrictions in England on Jan.

“It would be remiss of us to make a decision without a full record of evidence,” the source allegedly said Sky news.

The mirror Ministers are reportedly considering maintaining some measures to contain the spread of the virus. These include delaying the end of official work from home and observing the rules for face masks.

The source suggested that measures could remain in place even if previously closed areas of the hospitality industry such as nightclubs and mass events were reopened.

It comes after reports that a two-week delay has been considered after the number of people in the UK with Covid-19 increased by 75%.

In Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford has said he will not follow the UK government’s schedule for England, while Scotland maintains its tiered system so that different parts of the nation can get out of lockdown at different speeds.

A government adviser said the portability of the Delta Covid-19 coronavirus variant first identified in India could result in “large numbers” of people being hospitalized with coronavirus.

Dr. Adam Kucharski, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said the UK is now facing a different battle given the dominance of the Indian variant, which means it may be “hard to justify” easing further restrictions this month .

Another expert from the same advisory group, the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modeling (Spi-M), said it was clear that it was “foolish” and “a great risk” to hold the reopening on June 21 in England.

Professor Stephen Reicher said there is currently enough evidence that one of the government’s four key tests for its roadmap out of lockdown has not been met.

The member of the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviors (Spi-B), which advises the government, said that the current risk assessment criteria, which are not fundamentally changed by new variants of concern, are due to the spread of the Indian variant.

He told the PA news agency, “I think by the government’s own criteria, it’s pretty clear that it would be foolish to continue with the data we have right now. The risk would be very great indeed.

“And of course it’s a risk trade-off, but I think it would be a huge risk to open up further.”

He added, “I am reiterating that this is about data, not data, and if you get overly done with data, you are cornering yourself and I think the government did. “

The epidemiologist Dr. Adam Kucharski said today that the UK is facing a different fight given the dominance of the Indian variant, which means it may be “hard to justify” easing further restrictions this month.

When asked whether the goal of the 21st. “

Dr. Mike Tildesley, another member of Spi-M, said the government had a “tough call” to ease restrictions on Jan.

He told Times Radio, “It’s hard. I’ll be annoying and sit on the fence a bit as I think it’s not our role as epidemiologists to name that.

“I think the difficult thing we have, the difficult situation of the government, is of course that if you postpone it, then of course you will get a minor wave of follow-up.

“I mean, that’s the case with any control policy – if you leave it in for a longer period of time, the cases will be reduced.

“But of course if you delay that, we know it will have a negative impact on businesses, people’s livelihoods and so on.

“So this is the tough call you have to make and all we can do is gather as much evidence as possible and say that this is what we expect when you are on the 21st for example delay for two weeks or four weeks and so on so that they have all the evidence they can to make the decision. “


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