Government minister confident of no new Covid restrictions for England this week

Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi says “there is nothing in the data” suggesting that further coronavirus action will be needed in England later this week.

Mr Zahawi told BBC Breakfast that Plan B measures would be reviewed on Wednesday but added: “There is nothing in the data that worries me that we need to go beyond our current state.

“There is some really good data from London that suggests that infection rates are plateauing, if not decreasing. But we see infections getting into those over 50, and it is generally those over 50 who end up with serious infections and hospitalizations. “

He moved to reassure patients that the NHS “is very good at moving staff” as he fears there are healthcare bottlenecks.

Mr Zahawis said the NHS is used to dealing with staff in winter and during “major flu viruses”.

“The NHS is very good at moving people within the system. They have an infrastructure for that. We now have 10,000 more nurses and 3,000 more doctors working in the NHS than last year.

“But the NHS is very good at making sure staff shortages are monitored and treated fairly well. They did it in winter for many years when we had big flu viruses. “

Mr. Zahawi was told that the healthcare sector has never had to deal with a situation like the coronavirus and he said, “I disagree with you.”


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