Government to take 'cautious' approach in easing lockdown 3

Matt Hancock has insisted that it is right to take a “cautious” approach to easing lockdown restrictions even though the vaccination program is going “very well”.

The Minister of Health said on a video call to Sky News this morning, “I know everyone at Sky News is interested in having parties again and that we all understandably want to get back to normal.”

“But it’s right to be careful – it’s incredibly important. There are currently almost 20,000 people with Covid in hospital …

“While the vaccination program is clearly going very well, it will be some time before it can reach all of the people at significant vulnerability, especially as we have to give everyone the second trick.

“So we have the time it takes to get this right. The Prime Minister will draw up the roadmap tomorrow and give all the details – taking into account the fact that we have to be careful but irreversible, that is the goal.”

The Minister of Health declined to comment on the details of the roadmap, which has not yet been signed by cabinet ministers.

Matt Hancock said Boris Johnson will look into reopening schools on Monday, telling Sky, “We have made it very clear that rebuilding schools is a top priority among all the different things we want to do for life to go back to normal. “

Mr. Hancock continued, “While we want to put in place a roadmap that will give people clues on how to do this, we will also be absolutely vigilant to the dates along the way.

“We saw during this pandemic that there were moments when things didn’t go as we expected – for example when the new variant was first discovered in Kent.”

He said there was evidence that cases of new variants in the UK, like those discovered in Brazil and South Africa, were declining – when he suggested new border restrictions and improved contact tracing work.


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