Government urged to establish ’round-the-clock’ vaccination programme

The government pushed for the third national lockdown in England to be used to create a 24/7 vaccination program to end “this nightmare”.

Union leader Sir Keir Starmer reiterated that this party would support the new measures and would support them in a vote in the House of Commons in a televised response to Boris Johnson’s statement.

“The British people have sacrificed so much but thanks to the dedication and brilliance of our scientists there is hope of a way out of this nightmare,” said Sir Keir, calling on the nation to “recapture” the spirit from the beginning of the pandemic.

But he said Labor will continue to scrutinize the prime minister, where MPs believe it is failing in its response to Covid-19.

“That means using this lockdown to put in place a massive, immediate, 24/7 vaccination program capable of delivering millions of doses per week in every village, town, high street, and general practice by the end of the month,” he said continuation.

“We need our companies and public services to work hand in hand for the common good. We need an army of volunteers who can use whatever resources we have.

“This is now a race between the virus and the vaccine. And if we pull ourselves together as a nation, we can win. “


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