Governors’ coronavirus pacts could thwart Trump goal of reopening country

Illinois governor J. B. Pritzker, who got involved in a Twitter fight with Trump this week, said the president is looking at the stock market, not science.

“The patchwork remains a patchwork as long as the federal government does not recognize that it is a war,” said Pritzker on Friday. “The federal government has to lead, and until then we’ll be leading here in Illinois.”

But the concern crosses the boundaries of the parties and even international borders. Republican Governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, whose state has 65 confirmed cases, has had a number of best with Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, and Democratic Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, and premieres from Manitoba and Saskatchewan Practices spoken.

“What we do affects our neighbors and what our neighbors do affects us,” said Burgum. “Because we are all part of an economic system.”

Experts say that gradual efforts to reopen the economy are doomed to failure as long as large states like New York and California are closed and the virus is likely to spread without adequate social distancing. The relaxation of restrictions before learning more about the transfer will also result in a series of outbreaks and follow-up restrictions that could paralyze a regional economy.

“If we go back to work as usual too soon, we run the risk of the virus spreading for so long, who knows how long,” said David Cooper, a senior analyst at the Economic Policy Institute, a leftist think tank. “It would not only cause people to suffer and die unnecessarily, it would also be counterproductive if outbreaks occur indefinitely. … How will companies plan and make investments if they cannot count on the health of their suppliers, employees or customers? “

This view is not shared by Kim Reynolds, the Republican governor of Iowa. He said on Friday, “We are different here in Iowa than in New York.”

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