Gran who broke legs on waterslide once assaulted police officer after drink-driving

A grandma who broke her leg after sneaking into a water park and down a slide during a night of partying had previously attacked a police officer, reported The mirror.

Claire Vickers, 46, was stuck on the slide for two hours with a broken ankle and shin sticking out her leg and while her boyfriend Barry Douglas, 44, broke his fibula and both ankles.

The couple admitted they were “idiots” for breaking into Aldershot Lido after being drunk.

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The mother of five, Ms. Vickers, has a history of illegal behavior after whipping a police officer for drink-driving in 2012, The Mirror reveals.

She had been arrested and taken into custody in Farnham, Hampshire, for drunk driving, where she attacked the policewoman.

Prosecutor Zeltia Carrera said in court: “The defendant became physically violent in the waiting area.

“Several police officers held her and after she did not calm down, she was taken to a police cell.

Ms. Vickers was spared the South West Surrey Magistrates’ Court Prison, which heard that she was “kept under constant surveillance” during her time in custody.

Last month, Mirror Online reported how Ms. Vickers hit the barrier at the end of an enclosed waterslide at Aldershot Lido.

Gran who broke legs on waterslide once assaulted police officer after drink-driving 1

She suggested Mr. Douglas go to the lido for a quick swim, and they both crawled under a fence – after drinking for several hours in a nearby pub.

About her ordeal, Claire said, “I couldn’t think clearly because the pain was excruciating.

“It was like a scene from a horror movie like ‘SAW’.”

The pals from Aldershot, Hampshire, each broke a leg and badly damaged their feet

The couple showed up that morning this week – to break the security of the lido,

She said to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, “Everyone does it. I’ve been doing it since I was around 20.

“I didn’t plan to do that that night. It just happened – and it has happened to other people before, so I just think something should be done about it.”

The audience was not impressed.

“Really blame the water park,” it said in a tweet.

“You don’t get pity from anyone,” said another.

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