Graphene Cooling System to be Found in Honor 10X

George Zhao of Honor has officially announced that he will introduce the Honor X10 on May 20. Details about the phone’s cooling system have appeared.

Smartphone manufacturers often launch new phones. One of these companies was Honor. The company recently announced that it will officially introduce the new Honor X10. The phone will be introduced on May 20.

It’s no surprise that more information appeared on the phone with such a short time of release. In the resulting 3D design graphics, the cooling system of the Honor X10 also stands out.

Graphene cooled phone
Digital Chat Station, which previously shared information about new devices in Weibo, shared part of the phone. For example, we have learned that graphene will be used in the phone’s cooling system, the characteristics of which we already know.

The phone is expected to be the cheapest 5G model to come from Huawei, so it will get a little warmer than regular smartphones. Thanks to the graphene-based cooling system, the phone has better heat protection.

Thanks to 5G technology, smartphones have better connections and more advanced connections. The negative effect of this technology is seen as faster charging of the phones and heating them up.

Honor X10 features
If we look at the functions of the phone, we see that a balanced configuration is preferred. The phone screen is specified as 6.63 inch FHD + LCD. The phone, the processor of which will be Kirin 820 5G, has a 16 GB pop-up camera. Other features of the device are 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory.

The phone’s lens, which has a three-camera system on the back, announced that it has a 40 MP main camera + 8 MP ultra-wide angle camera and a 2 MP triple camera system. The phone with a 4200 mAh battery has 22.5 W fast charging. The phone’s input is USB Type-C.

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