Great white shark seen stalking beach minutes after attacking woman in rubber ring

The 20-year-old woman, who has not been identified, managed to swim ashore where she was treated before being airlifted to hospital by paramedics

Australia: Nurse discusses aiding shark attack victim in Esperance

A great white shark stalked a picturesque beach after young woman was attacked

She was paddling around 200 yards off shore in an inflatable pool when the 11ft shark badly bit her.

The 20-year-old, who has not been identified, managed to swim ashore where she was treated before being airlifted to hospital in Perth, Australia.

Around 30 minutes later, the predator was seen edging close to golden sands of the shore near Wylie Bay in Western Australia, reports.

People had been watching closely from the shore and observed the young woman float away before the savage attack happened reports said.

Paramedics prepare to take the injured woman to hospital


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Barry Brown said he and his siblings were keeping an eye on where she was before it sunk its teeth into her.

Mr Brown told ABC : “She just seemed to be getting deeper and deeper and deeper.

“Then we actually saw a figure under the [pool ring] and we weren’t quite sure whether it was a dolphin or what it was.”

The shark comes close to the beach mot long after the woman was attacked


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The woman began waving her arms and began swimming on her back, with one hand holding her side as she came back to shore

“He said: “The shark actually circled a couple of times and then took back off into the blue.”

Mr Brown said there was a long trail of blood in the water and he was worried the shark would return as he went out to help her.

He managed to rescue her and quickly came back to the beach, where his girlfriend met them.

People had been watching closely from the shore


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“We wrapped her up in a towel, in one motion, chucked her in the back of a car and then straight off to the hospital.”

The attack took place in the notorious Esperance area, which has seen several fatal shark attacks in recent years.

The local authorities said the state’s shark response unit was investigating and urged swimmers to take care.

In October The Mirror told how a great white had attacked a film crew’s boat after they tried attaching a camera to one of the predator’s fins.

The Discovery Channel camera crew were on location off Stewart Island in New Zealand when the shark burst out of the water and tried to sink its razor teeth into their dinghy.

Before the incident, the film crew tried to latch a camera to a fin in the hopes of seeing the apex predator’s feeding ground.

Within moments the shark darted at the vessel and rushed up out of the water and bit down on a rope attaching them to a larger vessel.

The narrator could then be heard warning of the dangers if the crew are separated from the main ship.

The shark bit down on the rope three times before diving back into the ocean.

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