Greedy Labrador's priceless reaction to eating an orange slice goes viral

Dog named Jake, a Labrador mix breed, knows he hates tangerines but still tries to eat them just because his staffy brother did it in a fun sibling rivalry

Jealous dog eats food even though he knows he doesn’t like it

People with siblings will know what it’s like growing up and having to have everything your siblings had — whether it was the same number of cookies or the same gadgets.

And a dog, out of sheer stubbornness and malice, refuses to be excluded from anything his brother is involved in—even when he really doesn’t want to be himself.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @ msdiffie, the Labrador crossbreed, named Jake, is presented with a tangerine segment.

The frosty-faced dog sniffs the fruit, but it’s obvious they don’t want to take it out of their owner’s hands.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @msdiffie, the Labrador cross named Jake is presented with a slice of orange – and he’s not thrilled


TikTok video uploaded by @msdiffie)

The video read, “Ever see a dog who knows he doesn’t like something but eats it because bro will enjoy it?”

The woman hands his staffy brother named Blue a piece of tangerine and suddenly Jake’s interest is piqued.

He takes the slice of fruit, but immediately makes a face that shows his utter disgust, picks it up and spits it on the floor.

The video has gone viral on the video sharing app, garnering 5.9 million views.

But citrus isn’t the only treat Jake sniffs at — he did the same thing with a slice of apple, too.

It’s safe to say that the lab just doesn’t want to eat their fruit and veg.

Jake made a disgusted face as he decided to eat the orange after his brother



Viewers couldn’t help but relate, saying their dogs are doing the same.

One said: “Mine politely take a treat they don’t like and then drop it on the floor after walking away.”

“My eldest used to hate veggies and fruit but since her little brother joined the family she likes everything as much as he does,” added another.

Jake isn’t the only dog ​​to throw a tantrum over food, in fact Golden Retriever Mango was furious after being served a meager portion of kibble.

Despite being put on a diet by her veterinarian, little soothes Mango, who gives her owner a despairing look as she realizes that the small amount poured into her food bowl is all she gets.

The briefly changed dog garnered plenty of sympathy from viewers, with one person declaring, “Mango – I’m coming to save you!”

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