Greggs black card: How to get free Greggs for life and who has a Greggs black card?

Free Greggs would be enough to start a little riot in many high streets across the country.

But for some A-listers, the dream of becoming a member of the special pastry service has come true.

Ed Sheeran was recently filmed handing his Greggs Black Card to LadBaby, who secured his number one Christmas number for the fourth year in a row.

LadBaby, Mark Ian Hoyle, turns established hits into novelty songs and simply adds the words “Wurstbrötchen”.

Once believed to be just one, the appearance of another rare black card on the internet has rekindled speculation about how to get one.

Greggs sells over 2.5 million sausage rolls a week, five per second, and that number doesn’t include the Newcastle-based company’s hugely successful entry into vegan rolls and baked goods.

The bakery chain also sells over 50,000 donuts an hour.

Who’s Got a Black Card from Greggs?

According to Sheeran’s video, there have now been two confirmed sightings of a black card from Greggs. The very first card was presented to Grime star Stormzy in February 2020, making it the first member of the Concierge Club

Stormzy tweeted, “Are you crazy about the first Greggs black card @GreggsOfficial. I’ve hit the peak, this is brilliant.”

The concierge service allows members to order whatever they want, whenever they want, and encourages them to live life like it’s golden.

Greggs doesn’t say what else the service includes, but unlimited free food is definitely a feature.

How do I get a black card from Greggs

Unfortunately, a black card is unreachable for the average baked goods fan. The VIP service is only possible by invitation

Unless you’re a globally known superstar, you’ll have to put up with 96 pence for a sausage roll for now.

Greggs’ official website states, “Just as Elvis was hailed as the King of Rock, many have named Greggs the (unofficial) King of Sausage Rolls.”


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