Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Review It Shows The Medical Community’s Bravery And Goodwill During The COVID Pandemic.

Grey’s Anatomy, “one of the longest medical dramas on television, is back for its 17th season and gives us a glimpse into how the medical community is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we see familiar faces such as Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr., among others, we also see a much-loved character return.

Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, like the rest of the country, has changed dramatically. It is surrounded by chaos, with doctors as well as the families of patients feeling helpless. As a result of the conversion to a COVID center, fewer surgeries are performed and more doctors are announcing the time of death for their countless COVID-19 patients.

Only doctors, underage patients and their caregivers can be found in the facility, from the entrance to the operating rooms. Patients who do not have a COVID are transferred to other hospitals.

The Gray Sloan Memorial waiting room has been moved to the parking lot and doctors visit regularly to keep the families informed. This is a crossover episode of “Station 19” in which severe burns are taken to hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy shows the courage, goodwill and dedication of the medical community in these troubled times. Miranda Bailey tries to keep it together as she watches her husband Ben Warren go to work as a firefighter in the midst of the pandemic and tells herself they have to save lives at the beginning of the episode.

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She is still in the hospital despite a heart attack and a knee sprain, and she tries to cope with everything in these troubled times. Even if it means yelling at her friend and senior physician Richard Webber to understand the latest procedures before practicing medicine at the hospital.

She is constantly on the alert and strives to keep an eye on everything and everyone in the hospital. Due to a shortage of masks in the hospital, nurses reuse old masks by adding extra strings, and some doctors lend them their N95 masks. Even when nothing seems to be going right at the moment, they work together to help and assist each other in every way possible.

Grey's Anatomy Season 17

Maggie Pierce has finally found a mature, “no drama” relationship with a doctor she met at a medical conference last season, and despite being from afar, she seems very happy and content. We get to see a new spark, or at least the beginning of it, between Jo Wilson and Jackson Avery, but we don’t know if it’s going to be anything more meaningful.

Teddy and Owen Hunt’s relationship seems over, at least from Owen’s perspective, although Teddy is still trying to make up for her one night stand with Koraisk the day before their wedding. After all the drama from last season, Richard Webber and Catherine Avery are still trying to find a solution to their troubled marriage.

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Grey’s Anatomy always delivers, especially when it promises that the season 17 premiere will wow viewers, it was heartwarming and rational at the same time.

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is now available to watch on Disney + Hotstar.

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