327 Group Names for Friends: Best, Unique & Creative

Wondering how to find unique group names for friends or a general group name list? Worry not, in this article, we will help you find the best group names for friends that will be unique and creative. You can use them for any group including a WhatsApp group.

So, with that said let’s have a look at the friends’ group name that we believe are the best and the most creative and unique list.

Whenever you create a group, you need names for it, because the name is (or becomes) the identity of your group. Likewise, when someone looks at your group, they look at that group’s name first. Just because of that the name is the first impression of what people will think of you. Thus, you should always try and use a unique group name for the WhatsApp group that you’ve made.

To connect with each other it is imperative to use a group to connect because it helps people come together at the same time. It helps you chat about various topics and more. When you create a group, try and use unique names for that group so that your group stands out differently from other groups.


Group names for Friends

By now, if you have created a group with your friend, your siblings, or your family, you will be needing some group names. This ought to be cool and amazing. Check out our family group name list that you can use.

But we suggest not to use them directly. Try mixing and matching different ideas from here. This will help you give a better group name which will be unique as well.

To be most creative, try to ask all the group members for the group names which they might like. This will convey that everyone in the group is valuable, increasing the group’s engagement as well. After everyone has sent their submissions, sit along and decide the one which is liked by a majority of the people.

Try to set certain criteria for naming.

For example, the group name has to be creative, the group name has to reflect the interest of the group, etc.

Here are some of the best group names for friends that are unique and creative. You can also use them for other WhatsApp groups like family and/or siblings. Without delays, let’s check out the list:

  1. Strong Bonding
  2. Good of Times, Bad of Times
  3. Mera Family
  4. Changing Majors
  5. 404! The group name does not exist
  6. ABCD Friendzz
  7. Hungry for Trouble
  8. Savages
  9. Rocking Family
  10. Bingo Bikers
  11. The Adventures Of Texting
  12. O.M.G.
  13. Tech Ninjas
  14. Unique Group Names List
  15. Funny Folk
  16. Phone Pals
  17. Unfired
  18. ‘Sup Group
  19. Strawberry Shortcakes
  20. The Family Gang
  21. Study Buddies
  22. The Alter Egos
  23. Counter-Strike Batch
  24. Pretty Family
  25. Desert Storm
  26. Non-Stop Pings
  27. chatter Box
  28. Tough Team
  29. The Chicken Tenders
  30. Childhood Chilkuts
  31. Lords of the Bling
  32. Banish Gang
  33. So-Called Engineers
  34. Silence is our enemy
  35. Black Panthers
  36. Republic of Restless
  37. Cutest Family
  38. All Us Single Ladies
  39. Family Matters
  40. Blank Head
  41. Drop the Bombs
  42. Ninjas
  43. Recycle Bin
  44. Little Angeles
  45. The Folks
  46. Ignorant Buddies
  47. The Uncalled Four
  48. Sports lovers
  49. The Cool Nerds
  50. Superstar Family
  51. Trolls of disgust
  52. My Family
  53. Devils Vs Angels
  54. Don’t spoil it
  55. Non-Stop Pings
  56. Strong Bonding
  57. Dolls With Balls
  58. Blast
  59. Spicy Sugars
  60. Twenty Panda
  61. The Badasses
  62. The So and So
  63. Crazy World
  64. Country’s future weapons
  65. Fantastic 4
  66. Wrong Numbers
  67. Near ones
  68. Modern Family
  69. Wandering Minds
  70. Seven Smokers
  71. Colonial Cousins
  72. Weird Clicks
  73. Don’t Spoil It
  74. Brotherly Harmony
  75. No Spamming
  76. Counter Strike Batch
  77. Twenty Panda
  78. Block Heads
  79. Magical Mental
  80. The Jumping Jacks
  81. Smile Please
  82. Great Mates
  83. Queens Lounge
  84. Hopeless Group
  85. Don’t spoil it
  86. No Rules
  87. Unlimited talks
  88. Mad house
  89. The Chamber of Secrets
  90. Gift for Gab
  91. Fabulous friends
  92. Full On
  93. Status King
  94. Open Book
  95. Ten Toppers
  96. Atomic Reactors
  97. Non-Stop Pings
  98. Like Glue
  99. Kick Ass boys
  100. Keep “typing…”
  101. Top Class Home
  102. Cursing Cousins
  103. Unique Group Names
  104. Hell’s Angels
  105. Glowing stars
  106. Feel free to write
  107. Junior Stunts
  108. Open Book
  109. Black Widows
  110. Counter Strike Batch
  111. Coolest Family

That wraps out the list of the group names for friends. They might be used in a lot of groups, so in the next section, we have added some unique ones too.

Unique Group Names: Best Name List:

This section includes the most creative, unique and the coolest name our team developed or got across the web. These names will help you with a catchy group name idea. Lets dive into the list below.

best group names for friends
Best Group Names for Friends
  1. Crazy gang
  1. The Cereal Killers
  2. Family Bush
  3. Keep “typing…”
  4. Waste Brains
  5. Grilling
  6. Creative Group Names
  7. The Jumping Jacks
  8. Growing up
  9. Free Wi-Fi
  10. Soup Dragons
  11. Defenders
  12. We tie until we die
  13. Legal Bachelors
  14. Lost & found
  15. Victorious Secret
  16. Roking Starts
  17. More than brothers
  18. Text Masters
  19. Smartness Overloaded
  20. Victorious Secret Hangover
  21. The Gladiators
  22. Feel free to write
  23. Pin drop nonsense
  24. 24×7 LoveRockstar
  25. Eggs in One BasketTech Ninjas
  26. Strong Ties
  27. Lips don’t lie
  28. Lovers together
  29. Unique Group Names List
  30. Jagger Bombs
  31. And It Was Good
  32. Truths beyond eyes
  33. Fantastic Family
  34. Type Till You Ripe
  35. God Made Relations
  36. Colony of Weirdos
  37. Crazy people
  38. Strong Signals
  39. Non-Stop Pings
  40. Chamber of Secrets
  41. Hopeless group
  42. Waste Brains
  43. Cute Cousins
  44. Playing My Way
  45. Cousins World
  46. Dream Team
  47. Chat Lounge
  48. Blood Relatives
  49. Staunch Ladies
  50. Connect the Dots
  51. Irritating Family
  52. Rage
  53. Oh Hello Bros
  54. Whaddup Cuz
  55. I love My Friends
  56. Best Dudes
  57. Blank Head
  58. Full House
  59. Smile please
  60. Together Forever
  61. Just Bold Ladies
  62. Avenger
  63. Crazy world
  64. Drink Dudes
  65. Cool Boys
  66. The Jacks Daniel
  67. The Desert Roses
  68. Teenagers
  69. Chat Lounge
  70. My Folks
  71. Friends for life
  72. Changu Mangus
  73. Just talk
  74. Baby Dolls
  75. Game Changers
  76. Non Stop Chat
  77. Pals
  78. High-Voltage
  79. Life of Pi
  80. Alcohol Unlimited
  81. Game Of Phones
  82. Gangnam Style
  83. Busy Bodies
  84. Smoking Aces
  85. We all are one
  86. Bhul Bhulaiya
  87. Justice Bringers
  88. Tipu Sultan Group
  89. The Family Gang
  90. Jane bhi do yaaro
  91. Are We There Yet?
  92. Dil dosti Duniyadari
  93. None of your Business
  94. Garam Masala
  95. Library Lurkers
  96. Hotness overload
  97. Family Club
  98. Message at your own risk
  99. Smells Like Team Spirit
  100. Angur
  101. Family Ties
  102. Fabulous five
  103. Teenagers
  104. The Public Square
  105. The Embarrassment
  106. The Drifters
  107. The Back Benchers
  108. Nonsense Group
  109. People of my life
  110. Bonding
  111. Clever Cats
  112. Hot Shots
  113. The Public Square
  114. The Spartans
  115. Cousin Love
  116. Street-sweepers
  117. Strong Bong
  118. Strong ties
  119. Hindi Hands
  120. Adults Out of Order
  121. Dad is Don
  122. The Cool Gang
  123. All Us Single Ladies
  124. Ninjas Trash
  125. Glowing stars
  126. Unfired
  127. Bonding
  128. Selfie Sisters
  129. Busy Buddies
  130. Valley Racers
  131. Awesome Blossoms
  132. Lethal
  133. Waste Brains
  134. Trash
  135. My Folks
  136. My Amigos
  137. Heroes of past
  138. Procrastinators Now
  139. Good Times
  140. Class Bunkers
  141. Hackers
  142. Staunch Ladies
  143. Backstreet Girls
  144. Chor Bazar
  145. Fabulous Fairies
  146. Hopeless group
  147. Langoti Friends
  148. Yaron Ka Adda
  149. Sour Patch Kids
  150. We Are Lovers
  151. Amazing Pals
  152. The Jumping Jacks
  153. Kingdom
  154. Non-Stop Chat
  155. Unlimited talks
  156. People I love

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Cool & Creative Friends group name

Now that we have discussed some unique ones, its about time to find out some creative names as well. Not to forget many of them are really cool, check out the full list, for getting the complete idea below:

  1. The Unknown
  2. Fantastic 4
  3. We Tie Until We Die
  4. Here Toxic Texing
  5. Modest Horn Players
  6. Funny Friends
  7. Nonsense Group
  8. Unique Group Names List
  9. Bainless Friends
  10. The Herd
  11. Gangs Of WhatsAppur
  12. Wondering Minds
  13. People World
  14. Low and Slow
  15. Blockheads
  16. Brother For Life
  17. Focus Fairies
  18. Chargers
  19. The Unknowns
  20. Masti Maza
  21. Friend like L..
  22. The Dude Guys
  23. Helping Hands
  24. Free Wi-Fi
  25. Sausage Party
  26. No Veg Friends
  27. Type Till You Ripe
  28. online Hangover
  29. Hippie Chicks
  30. Star Busts
  31. We are Hulks
  32. Jo Hota hai Ache Ke lie Hota Hai
  33. The Desert Roses
  34. Adults Out of Order
  35. My Dear Sisters
  36. The Alpha & Omega
  37. Fast & Farious
  38. Collision Course
  39. Rock & Roll
  40. Kick Ass boys
  41. Chatter Box
  42. Cool Group Names
  43. Awkward Turtles
  44. Free Wi-Fi
  45. We are Hulks
  46. The Untouchables
  47. Sister Sisters
  48. Minx Mixes
  49. Naughtiness
  50. Innocent girls
  51. Just Do It
  52. Coffee lovers
  53. Rules of Fight Club
  54. Beware Brothers
  55. ABCD Dosts
  56. Dream Killers
  57. The Three Amigos
  58. Vicious and Delicious
  59. Staunch Ladies
  60. Truths beyond eyes
  61. Low and Slow
  62. Bhul Bhulaiya
  63. Jawbreakers
  64. Soup Dragons
  65. Brown Band
  66. Jane bhi do yaaro
  67. Girl on Fire
  68. Lips don’t lie
  69. Pencil Chors
  70. Hahakari group
  71. The Rolling Phones
  72. Hotness overload
  73. The Spartans
  74. Dream Killers
  75. Devil’s Advocate
  76. Smoking Aces
  77. Block heads
  78. Lost & found
  79. The herd
  80. Grim Reapers
  81. Glacier Gadgets
  82. The scholars
  83. Bed, Bath, and Beyonce
  84. The Chamber of Secrets
  85. 6-Pack
  86. Lifetime friendship
  87. Live as it’s your Last day
  88. Just do it
  89. Blast
  90. Pencil Chors
  91. Devils VS Angels
  92. House of Hunters
  93. Alive Scholars Society
  94. Walky Talky
  95. We Talk A Lot
  96. love is Friendship
  97. Mom’s the Boss
  98. Only Singles
  99. Hard workers
  100. Unknown Friends
  101. Maniac Messengers
  102. Bingo Bikers
  103. Shopping Thieves
  104. Cousin Love
  105. Nemesis
  106. Drink Dudes
  107. Local Losers
  108. No Crying
  109. We’re Better
  110. Crazy Engineers
  111. Birds of a Feather
  112. Cousin Love
  113. Across the Sea
  114. Crazy world
  115. Don’t Join
  116. More Than Bros
  117. Xpolosion
  118. None of your Business
  119. Walkie Talkies
  120. Local Losers
  121. Queen Bees
  122. Non Veg Friends
  123. Status King
  124. Just talk
  125. Soldiers
  126. Six Spoons
  127. Family Matters
  128. World Of Cousins
  129. Quarter Life Crisis
  130. Let’s utilize precious time
  131. Chat Lounge
  132. The Posse
  133. Feel Free To Write
  134. Lions
  135. Boiled Boxers
  136. We are Team
  137. Family Ties
  138. Boring classes
  139. Cherry Choppers
  140. One Sided Lovers
  141. Little Spoons
  142. Teenagers
  143. Secret LosersThe Back Benchers
  144. The Untouchables
  145. Hackers
  146. Stutip Folks

So, this was our list for the most Creative & Unique Group Names that we found. Many friend groups name for boys have been inspired from the ideas, we discussed above.

Now it might be possible that because thousands of people read through our list, these names may not remain unique forever. Well, don’t worry. Here’s how you can come up with your own friend’s group names that are unique, be it a cool boys group name or a cool girls group name.

Steps to name your own group

Follow these steps:

  1. Ask every member to submit about 5 names

Now if your group has 5 members, you will end up with 25 names.

  • Select the best 5 picks accordingly.
  • Tell the group for active suggestions and feel free to combine and mix 2 or more names.

Criteria that will help you decide friends group name much more creatively:

  1. Tell everyone of the group member to participate.
  2. Try keeping short names
  3. Use names that are memorable and are relatable to your group or your purpose.
  4. Keep it Super Simple. When you keep these group names simple and easy, you often find that they tend to last as a token with everyone.


That Wraps up our list guys and girls, if you have something that you would like to share some good group names with us, drop them in the comments down below. If it passes the scrutiny of our team, chances are that we might feature it.

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