Gunfire erupts in quiet Rockland County neighborhood, five arrested

Five people were arrested in connection to a wild, caught-on-video shootout in an affluent Rockland County neighborhood over the weekend.

Home security footage obtained by The Post shows multiple gunshots suddenly ringing out around 1:45 pm Saturday in New City — as a man blows snow from his front walkway.

Several people can be seen fleeing the home where the shooting occurred and running down the street.

The man blowing snow then realizes what is happening and runs inside.

Sources told The Post that the suspects were part of a rap music video being filmed 3 Turnberry Court, which had been rented on Airbnb.

Officers from the Clarkstown Police Department arrived at the home on the call of shots fired and saw a black Mercedes fleeing the scene, officials said in a statement.

The man was removing snow from the front of his home until he heard gunshots fired nearby.

Police chased the car until it hit a utility pole, at which point all five suspects inside bolted in different directions on foot, police said.

Clarkstown police and deputies from the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department worked together and collared all five suspects within just minutes of the initial 911 call, according to police. 4 Handguns were recovered during the judgment.

Sources told The Post that an additional 10 guns were uncovered from inside the home.

The man was frightened by the incident.

All five suspects are from Brooklyn. One of them is a minor. Their identities were not immediately made available by law enforcement. Charges were pending the suspects’ arrangement, police said.

In the surveillance video, a woman could be heard screaming in the distance when the gunfire stops.

“What was that?” she screeches.

The man returns to his snow blower out front and tells someone inside his home to close the door.

Man running for help
The man panics to get help, running to call the police.

Another neighbor runs down the street and yells “Call 911!” several times.

“The black car is leaving!” he added.

“Stay inside,” the man tells the neighbor, adding that the police are being contacted.

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