Half a billion days annual leave wasted this year 'because workers are too busy'

Workers could waste up to half a billion vacation days a year because they can’t squeeze them in until the end of 2021.

Research on behalf of Virgo Red says that 27 percent of employees said they were simply too busy at work to take their full annual vacation – meaning 437.4 million days of unused vacation time.

Almost half (45 percent) of workers who tried to book time during the year encountered arguments and opposition from colleagues over the allotment of vacation.

A shocking 67 percent also said they’d been contacted from work while on vacation, so they didn’t have the opportunity to switch off completely.

The study has shown that employees still have an average of 13.5 days of annual leave this year.

If a longer vacation is not an option, Virgo Red’s study found that 32.4 million employees work a four-day week for the remainder of the year and have the benefit of taking a full week off for Christmas.

Virgin Red spokeswoman Charlotte Sjoberg said, “Taking a break has never been more important – it’s a time to recharge your batteries and break away from everyday stress. And with so many vacation days this year, people have to plan.

“Whether it’s a short stay, a cheeky weekend getaway, a trip abroad next year or a train ride to the UK, Virgin Red members can earn Virgin Points.”

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