Half-naked boy, 15, found dead inside gran's freezer after 'trying to cool down’

A teenager died after climbing into his grandmother’s freezer to cool off, police claimed.

Jose Eduardo Rosa was found dead in the freezer on his grandmother’s property near Vila Adelina in the west-central Brazilian city of Campo Grande on January 11th.

The 15-year-old’s body was only found in his underpants.

While the police have ruled out the possibility of murder and suicide, the exact cause of death is not clear.

However, signs suggest sudden illness, possibly due to the use of anabolic steroids and asphyxiation.

Police claimed Jose got into the freezer when the house was empty after entering the property with a hidden key.

When discovered by his older brother, some chairs were found in a circle in the garden, suggesting the teenager had not been alone.

Jose’s death was particularly tragic for his family as it occurred a week after his uncle’s death and a month after his grandfather’s death.

His brother, 26-year-old refrigeration technician Leonardo, told the local media, “Everyone liked him.”

The investigation into the cause of death is still ongoing.


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