Half of adults in England have had first dose of Covid vaccine, figures suggest

Half of adults in England have likely received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, new figures show.

According to NHS England, a total of 22,337,590 people had received a first push on March 18.

This equates to 50.5% of the UK population aged 18 and over based on the latest estimates from the Office of National Statistics.

England is the first of the four nations to cross the symbolic milestone.

Wales currently accounts for 47.7% of adults, Scotland 46.6% and Northern Ireland 45.1%.

A separate milestone has been passed in Wales, where probably one in ten of the general population has received both doses of vaccine.

Latest figures show that 318,976 people in Wales received two doses, which is 10.1% of the population.

Wales is way ahead of the other three nations on the second dose.

England has fully vaccinated 2.5% of its total population, while Scotland and Northern Ireland have 3.7%.

In adults only, Wales gave both doses the equivalent of 12.6% of people aged 18 and over, Northern Ireland 4.9%, Scotland 4.5% and England 3.2%.

All vaccine numbers have been published by health authorities in the four UK countries.


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