Half of Brits confident to travel abroad, now that restrictions have lifted

Airport trips on the Uber app have more than quadrupled since travel restrictions were lifted in May.

Data from Uber has shown the numbers have increased month on month even though the summer vacation for schools is over. The data also showed that 6 a.m. is the most popular time to travel, with Friday being the most popular day to start a vacation.

Although September is traditionally a quieter month for holidays, travel had increased compared to August, and a nationwide survey of more than 2,000 full-time workers suggested the British are looking for winter sunshine as the weather at home is cool and gets rainy.

The average worker still has 11 days of vacation to take (58% of people said they have more vacation this year than at the same time in 2019), which means that a total of 405,168,000 days of annual vacation are yet to be taken the UK.**

Since only 10% of people went overseas this year, about 55% said they are now “desperate” to get on a plane and see some sunshine. So it’s no wonder that 57% of those surveyed said they would be traveling abroad in the next six months, while 28% plan to take two or more breaks.

With travel restrictions easing over the weekend, a majority (51%) say they feel safer traveling abroad now than at any other time in the pandemic.

The most popular destinations people want to head to are:
1 – Spain
2 – Italy
3 – USA
4 – Portugal
5 – Greece
6 – Dubai
7 – Tenerife
8 – Cyprus
9 – The Caribbean
10 – Gran Canaria

More than seven in ten (71%) say that their vacation begins when they drive to the airport. With Uber, passengers can plan their trip up to 30 days in advance with Uber Reserve.

Drivers are assigned prior to the journey time and once a driver is assigned the tariff is locked and does not change. You can find more information here.

Ash Kebriti, General Manager for the UK and Ireland, Uber said: “With travel restrictions eased, there is no better time to flee abroad, especially as the days are getting colder. We have seen the number of airport trips skyrocket over the past few months as passengers use the Uber app to ensure a safe and stress-free journey. With our reservation function, you can plan your trip up to 30 days in advance to avoid any last-minute worries. “

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