Half of us would change loved-ones funeral plans after they have died

Half of us would change the funeral plans of our loved ones after their death because we disagree with agreements such as dress code, choice of coffin, and guest lists.

A new survey of attitudes towards funerals found that 54% of people would change the choice of music, the cost and even the location of a farewell party if they found it “inappropriate”.

Howard Hodgson, CEO of Affordable funerals who commissioned the research says: “Death is a difficult subject and still very taboo.

“Even if it may be uncomfortable, it is really important to have open and honest conversations with loved ones about their wishes.

“Too often people plan their funeral and don’t discuss it with their families, leaving loved ones to question their preferences or even change details they don’t agree with – both should be avoided.”

OnePoll’s survey of 1,000 UK adults found that 19% would change the cost of a loved one’s funeral if they did not think it was appropriate.

Meanwhile, 14% would change a dress code the deceased wanted, such as “wear a bright color” or “arrive in fancy clothes”.

12% of respondents said they would change their chosen coffin and another 14% would change their choice of music. 13% of respondents said they would change who is on the desired guest list.

Mr. Hodgson urged people to speak to their families about their wishes in order to avoid surprises down the line and thus have an affordable, including personal, funeral.

He said, “You may find that someone has planned their own funeral and, for example, opted for a direct cremation where there are no mourners but their family has not been informed beforehand.

“They will have made this choice with the best of intentions because they want to save money for their children.

“However, when the time comes, the family is appalled because they want to hold a service.

“By discussing your funeral arrangements before purchasing a funeral plan, you can ensure that your wishes are respected, but that your family is happy too.”

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