Half price PCR covid tests for international traveller

A large coronavirus testing company offers inexpensive PCR Covid-19 tests for travelers returning to the UK from overseas.

Randox announced that it will charge customers flying with partner airlines £ 60 for the tests, which typically cost around £ 120.

The partner airlines have not been identified, but the PA news agency anticipates they will be major airlines and the discount will be available before summer.

The government’s announcement last week that travelers returning to the UK from any destination would be required to run PCR testing received angry response from the travel industry.

Many companies wanted people from low risk countries to be able to run quick tests with side flow devices that are significantly cheaper and give results in 30 minutes or less.

For PCR tests, the swabs must be processed in a laboratory. This can take several days and add to the cost.

Randox managing director Dr. Peter FitzGerald said: “Recognizing the needs of both the travel industry and the UK public at this unprecedented time, Randox will reduce the total cost of PCR testing to £ 60 per test for those in the UK who travel internationally.

“We can see the pressures that both the travel industry and the general public are facing and we are committed to effective and economical testing to help vacationers and international travelers.”

Paul Charles, executive director of travel advisory at PC Agency, said the test price cut was “the magic wand for recreation in the travel sector.”

He continued, “More vendors need to encourage people to travel back at a lower cost per person to get the market going.”

Mr Charles also urged the government to abolish VAT on tests “so the sector can benefit from whatever measures can be taken”.


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