Harley Quinn and Stephen King on Movistar +

It seems not, but today is already August 1. We are 1 month away and something to end a summer that is happening as fast as the rest of a 2020 to bury and forget.

Luckily, VOD platforms have been great companions. And after knowing what Netflix puts on and takes off this month, here are the August premieres of Movistar +, up to the top of movie premieres as always.

For starters we have a duo of actress Kristen Stewart with two commercial forays: the first is Underwater, a sci-fi and horror underwater thriller ‘monster movie’; The second is the new version they made in 2019 of Charlie’s Angels, a film that is pure sorority and female empowerment, but which failed so dramatically at the box office that it is considered one of the biggest ‘bluffs’ last year.

And we continue with sorority, because Movistar + also premieres the iconoclastic Birds of Prey or the Fantastic Emancipation of Harley Queen, which although it suffers from cohesion at the script level -basically two films in one-, is an irreverent and violent audiovisual joy with a Margot Robbie who was born to be Harley Queen without a doubt, and that alone is worth it, in addition to being a perfect film about what it is to overcome a toxic relationship as a couple.

But there is more, because the VOD platform brings us Doctor Sueño, the long-awaited sequel to the mythical The Shining, which differs from Stephen King’s book to get closer to the sequel to the film version of Kubrick. And also Cats, the musical that should have been one of the most acclaimed films in recent years – says the director of Les Miserables and The King’s Speech – but that has ended up being one of the greatest disasters that is remembered in Hollywood.

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