HarmonyOS gospel for some EMUI 11 models

HarmonyOS gospel for some EMUI 11 models

HarmonyOS news came for some Huawei models using EMUI 11. In the news that appeared the previous day, it was clear that smartphones with the HarmonyOS operating system will meet users in 2021. Now it has been revealed that models that use EMUI based on Android can switch to the system developed by Huawei.

This means that more users can use the new system. It is seen as a great advantage that users can use the new system without purchasing a new model.

Possibility to use HarmonyOS for EMUI 11 models

After the crisis between the USA and Huawei, the company’s licenses were revoked. For this reason, some models met with users without Google Play Services. Responding to this problem with Huawei Mobile Services, the company developed HarmonyOS against Android. This system will also show itself on models soon.

In the latest news, it was stated that some models with EMUI 11 can use HarmonyOS. However, it is currently unknown what the models are. A Huawei official made a statement on the subject on the site called AndroidAuthority. It has been said that users can switch from Android to HarmonyOS.

However, it is not yet known whether users have the opportunity to return to Android from HarmonyOS. Therefore, users who want to switch must make a final decision.

It is a matter of curiosity how much the system, which has many prominent features in its introduction, will be liked by the users.


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