Harrods to axe iconic green and gold plastic carrier bags

Harrods does without its famous green and gold plastic carrier bags.

The upscale Knightsbridge store has been selling the iconic bags for 50 years but is replacing them with paper versions to reduce waste.

Harrods expects the move to save four million plastic bags from landfill annually as the new paper bags are fully recyclable.

The new bags, which will replace the signature originals, are expected to be in use by the end of September. However, shoppers using the gourmet food hall are encouraged to bring their own bags as a transitional measure as the porters will not be available until jute bags for life come out later this year.

Harrods Managing Director Michael Ward said, “The update to our iconic tote bag is long overdue.

“As proud as we are that customers are leaving our shop with the iconic green Harrods bag, we want to see as few as possible of them in the future.”

The decision is made as the luxury brand seeks to reduce plastic usage across the company, with plastic packaging also in the line of fire and home deliveries becoming plastic-free.

Mr. Ward added, “Switching from one material to another is meaningless unless you drastically reduce waste, especially for a company with over four million bags that leave the manufacturing floor every year.

“We are determined to revise the way bags are distributed across the store and we encourage our customers to work with us to reduce waste by using as few bags as possible.”

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