Harry and Meghan bid farewell on last day as British royals

LONDON – Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, came to the end of their role as working British royals on Tuesday and said goodbye to their official fans Instagram Account, adding that “while you may not see us here, work will continue.”

The couple stunned the public in January when they announced that they intended to step down from the royal family, split their time between Britain and North America, and pay their own bills.

“Many thanks to this community – for their support, inspiration and shared commitment to the good in the world. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon. You were great!” The couple wrote online.

Earlier this month, the couple returned to the UK from their base on Vancouver Island, Canada, to finalize their engagement as Senior Royals. Surrounded by Harry’s immediate family, this was the end of the couple’s short era when they were no longer accepted but rejected by some parts of the British media and the public.

According to supporters, they were driven away by the toxic press coverage, which often led to racist harassment and bullying, while others said the couple were hardly the first king to get a hard drive in the media.

When Harry and Meghan married too much fanfare at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018, Meghan was celebrated for modernizing the monarchy.

After the birth of their son Archie in 2019, the couple made no secret of the fact that they felt the strain of constant media attention and negative headlines.

Harry said the decision to resign was not one he made lightly and “made him very sad that it happened”. While Queen Elizabeth said in one Explanation that “Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be very loved members of my family.”

Her new role, regardless of the royal family, will be reviewed next year. In the meantime, the couple will no longer perform official duties for the queen and will no longer use their royal sovereignty or the word “royal” in the nonprofit they are trying to found. So far, they have said little about the causes they want to focus on.

Despite resigning from his royal duties, Harry will remain in sixth place on the throne behind his father, brother and William’s children.

Last week it was announced that former actress Meghan will return to the big screen in her first post-royal project as the narrator of a new film about an elephant family traveling through Africa and scheduled to air on Disney + in early April.

US President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that the US would not give Harry and Meghan any security. A spokesman for the couple said they would take privately funded safeguards.

In their latest online news, the couple also noted the global coronavirus pandemic that “the world seems extremely fragile at this moment” and that they would look for ways to “understand how we can best contribute”.

Harry’s father Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 last week and on Monday Clarence House confirmed that the 71-year-old had completed his self-isolation phase.

Rachel Elbaum, Henry Austin and Alexander Smith contributed.

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