“Harry Potter” and 9 other film franchises that never won an Oscar

Despite its long-running series, massive box office success, and fan popularity, this gargantuan movie franchises were not seen at the Oscars

While there is an opinion that blockbuster franchises are not accepted for the Oscars, the reality is that some of the greatest TV series of all time have won multiple awards. It’s true that most of them fall into technical categories, but that’s still what makes these huge and popular franchises Oscar winners.

But there are also huge TV shows that have gone home empty-handed. Despite being long-running franchises and breaking box office records, these films did not impress Oscar voters enough to receive the trophy. And franchises left without an Oscar can surprise fans.


10-Iron Man

It seemed that “The Dark Knight” opened up new horizons for superhero movies at the Oscars, winning Heath Ledger for the role of the Joker. However, in the same year, another groundbreaking superhero movie was completely overlooked.

Iron Man marked the beginning of the MCU and made the hero’s name a household name. The Return of Robert Downey Jr. received huge recognition but was not awarded. Even more shocking is that the special effects that brought the hero to life in three films were never honored.

9-Be persistent

Like superhero movies, action movies have always struggled to be recognized at the Oscars. Even Die Hard, arguably the best film of its kind, failed to receive an Oscar, despite nominations for visual effects and editing.

While many fans would say the franchise has never surpassed the original, the Die Hard sequels are also filled with action sequences often worthy of these technical categories.

8-The Hunger Games

When Jennifer Lawrence established herself as one of the best young actresses in Hollywood with famous roles, she started her first franchise with “The Hunger Games”. Based on popular children’s novels, the four-part film offers a grand and exciting look at the dystopian world.

7-The “Before” Trilogy

While most underrated franchises are blockbusters that Oscar voters don’t seem to like, the “Before” trilogy offers just the kind of intimate drama that seems perfect for an Oscar.

A series of three films shot over two decades explores the relationship between two people who happen to meet during a journey and form a strong bond. Two sequels received nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay, but none of them won.

6-How to train a dragon

When it comes to animated movies, they often become franchises. Nevertheless, “How to Train a Dragon” surprised many viewers and became one of the most famous trilogies of all time, whether animated or not.

However, this was not enough for the franchise to win an Oscar, despite the stunning visual effects and Best Animated Film category. Although each of the three films was nominated, they lost to Toy Story 3, Big Hero 6, and Toy Story 4.

5-Prequels of the Planet of the Apes

The idea of ​​a prequel to the Planet of the Apes movies wasn’t one that a lot of people were excited about, but Rise of the Planet of the Apes turned out to be a much better movie than anyone expected.

Using motion capture to bring the monkeys to life, it looked like these epic, action-packed and moving stories would become the favorites at the tech awards. However, Andy Serkis also aspired to be the first actor to be nominated for a motion capture role, but that didn’t happen.

4-Fast and Furious

When the Fast and the Furious franchise launched, few people were surprised that it didn’t receive an award, as the original was essentially a Point Break remake. However, much to everyone’s surprise, the films gradually turned into one of the greatest franchises of all time.

While the movies are pure popcorn adventures that you shouldn’t take seriously to enjoy them, they have a lot of huge action sequences and special effects. The script and performances may never be honored, but maybe the final chapter of the two-part franchise can finally win an Oscar.

3-The task is impossible

Thanks to competitors like James Bond and Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible has steadily become Hollywood’s top spy franchise. With Tom Cruise at the helm of these wild adventures, the Mission Impossible movies have gotten bigger and better over time.

2-Harry Potter

The Harry Potter films were a defining cinematic experience for a generation and helped bring one of the most magical worlds to the big screen. The movies also seemed to get more and more critical acclaim as they progressed, but it wasn’t enough for Oscar to notice.


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