He helped Adam Schiff impeach Trump. Now he’s joining Biden’s NSC.

“I am very pleased to see him in his new post, although we will certainly miss him on the committee,” Schiff told POLITICO. Describing Bitar as an “excellent choice” for the role, Schiff added that he has an “exceptional” range of talent and expertise related to the intelligence community and understands the challenges he faces after serving with Trump for four years Was “beaten”. “I can’t think of anyone who fits this role better than Maher,” said Schiff.

Bitar’s immediate predecessor in the top role of NSC intelligence, Michael Ellis, was also a member of the House Intelligence Committee, but across the aisle. Bitar has worked very closely with Schiff, the chair of the panel, over the past few years, while Ellis was the committee’s lawyer under Rep. Devin Nunes before joining the Trump White House. Ellis, who was appointed general counsel to the NSA shortly before Biden’s inauguration, has since been on administrative leave and is unlikely to remain in that role, according to those familiar with the matter.

Bitar was a senior member of the House’s impeachment team during Trump’s first impeachment, along with Dan Goldman who served as the impeachment manager’s chief attorney. Goldman called Bitar “a brilliant lawyer” and said his experience on the committee would give the new NSC an insight into the changes in the intelligence community over the past four years.

The Office of the Chief Intelligence Directorate receives confidential information received from the intelligence services, especially in print, and coordinates covert action between the White House and the intelligence community. This is also where the NSC is located, on which the server is located, on which the most confidential classified information is stored. Under Trump, this server was used to store the President’s conversations with world leaders who were deemed potentially embarrassing, such as his call to the Ukrainian President that resulted in his first impeachment.

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