Headteacher's letter to parents about exams urges them to give children a hug

A school principal was applauded after urging parents to relax if their children didn’t do well in upcoming exams.

A post of a letter sent home to parents went viral after resonating with many people. Many children should take exams before the summer vacation.

The letter begins: “Dear parents

“The exams for your children are due to begin soon. I know that you are all very careful to make sure your child is well.

“But please remember that among the students who will take the exams there is an artist who doesn’t need to understand math.

“There is an entrepreneur who is not interested in history or English literature.

“There is a musician whose chemistry grades are irrelevant. There is an athlete whose physical fitness is more important than physics.

“If your child gets top marks, that’s great! But if not, please don’t deprive them of their confidence and dignity.

“Tell them it’s okay, it’s just a test! They are fit for much bigger things in life. Tell them no matter what they achieve … you love them and you won’t judge them.

“Please do this. And as you watch your children take over the world. An exam or bad grade will not … take away your dreams and talent.

“And please don’t think that doctors and engineers are the only happy people in the world.”

The post shared on Reddit went viral after sharing – although some people expressed skepticism about the letter.

In the ‘Next F ****** Level’ forum, it was alleged that the headmaster was from Singapore, others claimed that they were from Canada.

But it hit some who shared their own experiences with pressure on exam results.


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