Health Secretary Sajid Javid reveals Government's autumn and winter five-point plan to stop Covid-19

Booster vaccinations for people aged 50 and over will start next week, Health Minister Sajid Javid has announced.

A third trick is offered to people who have already had two. Nobody has to ask for a “booster” jab, and people should wait to be contacted by the NHS.

Bromsgrove MP Mr Javid warned that fall and winter are “favorable conditions” for the coronavirus, also because people will stay indoors more.

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In addition, other illnesses are more common, which puts additional strain on the NHS.

The Minister of Health presented a so-called five-point plan to combat Covid-19. However, he also warned that the government had prepared a “Plan B” in case those measures were not enough – which included the return of some lockdown restrictions, including an invitation to work from home.

1) Expansion of the vaccination program. “We will renew our efforts to maximize uptake among those eligible but who for some reason have not yet accepted the offer,” said Javid. Many people who have already been vaccinated are offered a third “booster” vaccination. You will not receive the vaccine until six months after the second vaccination at the earliest. He said: “The NHS is preparing to offer booster doses from next week.”

2) Testing, tracing and self-isolation will continue.

3) Support the NHS and Social Welfare with an increase of £ 5.4 billion in funding to help the NHS. Frontline workers in the NHS and those in broader social settings could also be asked to get vaccinated.

4) The largest flu vaccination program the UK has ever seen to try to reduce the spread of non-Covid diseases and encourage people to wear face masks and meet outdoors rather than indoors whenever possible

5) Continue to conduct border controls to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the country, although Mr Javid also said foreign travel will be opened.

Mr Javid said, “We have seen how quickly this virus can adapt and change. We have therefore prepared a plan B with contingency measures that we can only fall back on when they are necessary. “

Plan B would include the reintroduction of laws requiring the wearing of face masks in certain circumstances – and the introduction of vaccination “passports”.

“We would consider another measure of encouraging people to work from home when they can, if the data backs it up.”

Here’s who’s first in line for a “booster” jab

1 residents of a nursing home and employees in nursing homes

2 All these 80s and older and health and social workers on the front lines

3 All these 75 years and older

4 All persons aged 70 and over and persons at extreme clinical risk (excluding pregnant women and persons under 16 years of age)

5 All of these 65 and over

6 adults aged 16 to 65 years in a risk group (see clinical conditions below) [footnote 1]

7 All those 60 years and older

8 All these 55 years and older

9 All those 50 years and older

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