Health service battles to keep level of care, says Ireland chief exec

The high coronavirus rate means the Irish health service is struggling to maintain levels of care, according to the chief executive.
Paul Reid confirmed that 650 coronavirus patients received some critical care on Sunday morning.
214 people with the virus were in intensive care units and another 436 were on advanced respiratory support.
Mr. Reid said: “Our teams are struggling to maintain the care we value and save lives. 650 Covid-19 patients are now receiving critical care.
“214 in intensive care and 436 on advanced breathing assistance. It’s not an emergency room crisis now, but it’s probably more critical than that.”
A total of 1,914 people with Covid-19 were in the hospital on Sunday morning.

80 patients were hospitalized and 47 discharged within 24 hours.
There were an additional 77 deaths on Saturday and 1,910 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed by the Ministry of Health.
It is said that 76 of these deaths occurred in January, one last month.
The mean age of the deceased was 84 years and the age range 43 to 98 years.
Of the new cases, 710 were in Dublin, 150 in Cork, 103 in Meath, 102 in Limerick, 86 in Louth, and the remaining 759 cases are spread across the remaining counties.
Ireland’s 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 population is now 955.
The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tony Holohan said on Saturday Ireland is starting to flatten the curve thanks to people adhering to public health policies.

“With the solidarity shown by families and communities across the country over the past few weeks, we are starting to smooth the curve of Covid-19 infection,” he said.
“Every single effort to follow public health advice has an impact, but we can only continue this positive trend and reduce incidence in the community by staying home and avoiding or meeting others in our social circle to mix with them. ”
He urged people to all act as if they were contagious and minimize close contact with others. He also stressed that when symptoms occur, it is important to isolate yourself immediately.


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