Heartbroken daughter stuck in hotel quarantine refused chance to say goodbye to dying mum

Andrea McCourt fears she won’t be able to see her mother one last time after Australian authorities reverse a decision to quarantine her for the visit

Andrea McCourt was denied the chance to visit her dying mother one last time

A broken-hearted daughter who is in hotel quarantine is not allowed to visit her dying mother due to strict Covid rules.

Andrea McCourt fears that she may not be able to see her mother one last time due to restrictions in Australia.

She flew from Texas to Perth on December 28 and was sent to quarantine at a hotel where a security guard tested positive over the weekend.

Although Ms. McCourt had permission from the Australian authorities to visit her mother, that exception was reversed just 34 minutes before the scheduled visit.

The email stated, “I sincerely regret to inform you that, after careful consideration, the WA Health Incident Controller withdrew support for today’s visit this morning due to increasing concerns about the public health risk associated with your visit request has.

Ms. McCourt’s husband Andrew said he and his wife fear his mother-in-law “might die at any moment”

“Please note that we are trying to find our way in this complex environment and, subject to further approval, will try to postpone the visit as soon as possible, but unfortunately we are currently unable to propose or guarantee a future visit date.”

Ms. McCourt and her husband Mark, who accompanied them on the trip, are Australian citizens but live in Texas, USA.

She said, “I don’t know what I’ll do if she dies before I see her.

The couple is staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth. quarantined


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“It just seemed like they (the authorities) were dragging us along. That was disgusting to me. I couldn’t call my mother to tell her. “

McCourt said he and his wife feared his mother-in-law “might die at any moment.”

“She’s holding on to the hope of seeing Andrea one last time,” he added.

Australia didn’t start reopening its borders until November, almost 18 months after first closing in March 2020.

Even then, the first phase only relaxed the rules for immediate family members / parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents. Unvaccinated comers still had to be quarantined upon arrival.

The second phase was originally scheduled for December 1, but was delayed by two weeks due to concerns about Omicron at the time.

Anyone entering Australia must receive a negative Covid-PCR test result within 72 hours of their scheduled departure and must fill out a pre-travel declaration form.

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