Heartwarming moment councillor finds out he's a granddad

Heartwarming moment councillor finds out he's a granddad

This is the heartwarming moment a councilor found out he had become a grandfather for the first time – in the middle of a council meeting.

Councilor John Cottee (top left) was attending a virtual committee meeting online when he heard about this.

And his reaction shows how excited he was to hear the good news.

Councilor Cottee chaired a meeting of the Nottinghamshire County Council’s Community and Place Committee.

The group’s purpose is to discuss streets, public spaces and buildings, but when he received a text from his eldest daughter, Nicola, of Rushcliffe, it was clear that this was not an official matter.

While another meeting participant is speaking, Councilor Cottee’s microphone is muted.

But he stops the process when he suddenly starts grinning and pounding the air proudly.

Councilor Cottee, who represents Keyworth on behalf of the Conservatives and chairs the committee, said: “I was absolutely delighted. I honestly couldn’t remember what I was doing. I just thought hellfire, it all happened.

“It was a bit of a shock to me in the middle of the meeting, when I tried to concentrate, I was completely blown away.

“I was excited. I’ve even been nice to politicians whom I’m usually not nice to.

“She (Nicola) called me again this morning and she is absolutely thrilled.

“It’s just great news. We just hope we can all meet up for Christmas.

“I keep telling my two daughters that I’m too young to be a grandpa. I mean, I’m probably not, I’m 66, but both Lorraine – my wife – and I are absolutely delighted.”

When asked what he was looking forward to most about becoming a grandfather, he said, “I was denied a train when I was a little kid, so I’ve already ordered one.

“I didn’t tell my wife I ordered it.”



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