Heavy snow, rain and ice to hit UK as weather warnings issued

Heavy snow flurries will hit parts of Britain in the coming days, with many people also being hit by treacherous ice conditions and heavy rain.

A yellow ice warning will cover much of the north east of England and much of Scotland until 11am on Saturday, creating dangerous conditions for motorists.

Heavy snowfall is forecast for large parts of Wales on Saturday, while minor storms could hit London and parts of south-east England, the Met Office said.

In Cornwall and much of Devon, heavy rain is forecast until 8:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, with the risk of flooding and transport disruptions.

Forecasters said 15-25 mm of rain could fall far, with 40-50 mm being possible over Dartmoor and near the south coast.

At 5 a.m. on Saturday the Environment Agency had 69 flood warnings across England, meaning immediate action is needed, and 231 warnings, meaning flooding is possible.

There are also currently five flood warnings for Wales.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey told the PA news agency that the downpours were caused by a weather front from the southwest.

Ms. Maxey said: “Starting Friday night we have a number of weather fronts that will bring rain over Cornwall and much of Devon by tomorrow.

“By the time this rain moves north it will already combine with cold air over the UK and cause snow in much of Wales, where in the highest regions it can fall up to 8 inches.

“Much of the UK will be covered in snow over the weekend and there will be warnings for much of Scotland and the north east of England.

“Even parts of London and the South East should see a little turmoil that is unlikely to settle.”

It comes after parts of Scotland were covered by up to 19 cm of snow overnight in just 24 hours on Thursday, while areas in the south-west of England recorded nearly 30 mm of rainfall.

Much of England and Wales will also see snowfall and widespread ice between Monday and Wednesday, with warnings of road closures, power outages and the risk of injury from ice.

Forecasters added that some rural communities could be “cut off” due to winter weather.

Ms. Maxey said the weekend will also be very cold, with the highest temperatures reaching just 6 ° C, along with frosts on both mornings.

She added: “When we move in next week, another front from the southwest will move in with long snow spells and icy conditions for most of England, Wales and Scotland.

“Up to 5 cm is expected off the coast, with a maximum of 15 cm in the higher areas of Scotland and Wales.”

She warned drivers to carefully prepare for “dangerous” ice conditions that could cause disruption and possible injury.


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