Heed the lament of Det. Jason Rivera’s widow

The funeral of Det. Jason Rivera was a sad, solemn affair as hundreds of police officers from far and wide, as well as elected officials and the public crammed St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the streets outside. But unexpected fire came from the wife of the fallen hero, who only four months swore that his death will not be in vain.

Dominique Luzuriaga set aside her grief to channel her husband’s thoughts and the public’s collective thinking about our soft-on-crime lawmakers and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg:

“This system is failing us. We are no longer safe, neither are the members of the service. I know you’ve had enough of these laws, especially those of the new district attorney. I hope he sees you talking through me now.”

The mourners at St. Pat’s gave her a standing ovation, and rightly so.

Luzuriaga’s words had to stab Albany lawmakers, Governor Kathy Hochul and DA Bragg, whose policies she tore to pieces. It would be a big mistake to dismiss her comments as those of an angry, grieving widow.

In a few dozen words, she proclaimed a public safety system that makes New Yorkers feel unsafe. And how can they, when their protectors are shot and elected officials are not behind them?

Jason Rivera lived his childhood dream to become a police officer. He wanted to do ‘good’, protect his neighbors and fulfill his duties with due respect for everyone.

And he spoke to his wife, who endured the frustrations and fears of every officer’s wife. They argued about it too, as she remembered crying in St. Pat’s.

Let’s all salute Dominique Luzuriaga for sharing her pain and using it as a call to action to ensure a safer city—and that her dear husband’s tragically short career with the NYPD will not be in vain.

She spoke for the whole city. Pray that Bragg, Hochul and the chosen few will not turn a blind eye to the increasing carnage in the streets.

Fix the broken bail law. Fix Raise the Age so that young people are not forced to carry guns and shoot older criminals. Fix the city’s recent anti-cop “reforms”.

Bring justice to people on both sides of the law. Do this in memory of Jason Rivera and his partner Wilbert Mora.

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