Here Is the Complete List of Who Is in “Ms. White Light” Cast

Mrs. White Light is all set and streaming from October 6, 2020. The film was released on March 11, 2019. The film was directed by Paul Shoulberg, he was also the writer of the story. The film won 1 Award and 3 nominations. The film received 6 out of 10 IMDB ratings. Below is the full list of cast who have shown great performances in the movie. The whole movies became an emotional rollercoaster as the character dealt with her problems. Robert Colindrez played Lex Zachary, Spicer played Spencer, John Ortiz played Gary, Judith Light played Val, TayLar played Ellen, Hauke ​​Bahr played Dr. Fritz, Josh Hambrock played Steve, Madeleine Lodge played Rachel, Rachel Matthews played Nurse Landon, Carson Meyer played Nora, Zane Naylor played Extra, Michele Ann Suttile played the role of Doctor, Brooke Barker played the role as extra, Danyele Green played the role as extra.

What is the storyline of the movie Mrs. White Light

Lex Cordova who is a councilor for terminally ill people. Who have the problem to let go. She’s capable of solving another problem, but when it comes to herself, she’s just lost. Then something got out of hand that even she has to question her own decisions. See how she copes with that and how she will find the glimmer of hope of her dying life.

What you need to know about the lead role Roberta Colindrez

She is a Mexican American actress and also a well-known writer. She is known for the Bird Man or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance (2014), Girls (2012) and Gotham (2014).

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