Here is the launch date of Intel’s new processors

Competition in the manufacturing industry continues to increase. Intel has commented on the performance enhancing processors with the M1 processors it introduced last year and are loved by many users.

Intel states that with these new processors it has improved its performance and is doing much better than before. The company plans to introduce these processors in the third quarter.

Intel is getting stronger with new processors

According to the latest published report, Intel’s 12th generation processors can deliver a significant performance boost. According to the information revealed in Intel’s CES 2021 presentation, the 12th generation Alder Lake platform is expected to be released in September 2021.

Unlike previous desktop architectures, Alder Lake; It will have a hybrid architecture with a combination of high-quality Golden Cove cores and high-efficiency Atom cores. We already knew that Alder Lake would be using Intel’s 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process from a previous leak. However, it is claimed that the new architecture and design will provide 15% better energy efficiency thanks to Gracemont cores.

This means that the 12th generation Alder Lake will deliver a 40-50% performance improvement over Intel’s legacy Skylake architecture, released in 2015. Alder Lake’s 16-core CPU is expected to deliver up to 20% IPC gain compared to Tiger Lake, Intel’s 11th generation mobile processor.

Those looking to upgrade their existing hardware to Alder Lake will need a new card. Because the 12th generation processor requires a larger usage area than the LGA 1200 design. It also uses a new LGA 1700 connection. The new socket also includes new features such as PCI Express 5.0 standard support, DDR5 memory, new Thunderbolt and Wi-Fi support.

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