Here's How I'm Staying Healthy, Active, and Calm While Social Distancing

Listen, I’m trying to be a calm, optimistic source of strength for my friends and family, especially since many of them are looking for me for health and wellness advice. But right now I have to be extremely candid: I’m super fucking anxious. My fear may never have been at this level, so I have had dissociative panic attacks in the past. . .

Now that I leave home for essentials, I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts (and my dog). So how do I stay healthy – mentally and physical? I’ve made a small plan for myself, and of course I’m going to share it with all of you. Since mental and emotional well-being is a foundation for physical health (can you really have one without the other?), I make sure my home health program focuses on a strong mind and body.

I have collected as many resources as possible from my doctors, my own research and research, and tips from friends to come up with the best home program for myself; hopefully these things I learned along the way will benefit you too.

And remember: even though I focus this on relief from anxiety and healthy living, it’s okay to just feel your feelings and also be anxious and bankrupt. This is a strange time and stress comes in waves. Give yourself grace. But if you’re ready to get back to your routine and feel good, check out some of these things.

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