Hero boy, 15, tried in vain to shield sister from bullets fired at them by dad

A fearless boy tried to protect his sister from bullets fired at her by her twisted father.

The siblings Jack Edwards, 15, and Jennifer, 13, were mercilessly killed by their father John in the family home near Sydney, Australia.

An investigation into the 2018 attack revealed that the children’s mother, Olga, had just started a family court against her former partner.

He showered a full round of his Glock pistol on the teenagers as they tried to escape. The hearing about their tragic deaths could be heard.

The investigation was told that Jack was crouching under a desk trying to protect his younger sister’s body from the bullets.

The family went into hiding after a lawsuit against the abusive father was launched. news.com.au. Reports.

A New South Wales coroner heard the monster John Edwards track down his family and “carefully and carefully” plan his attack.

The angry father emptied two balls into his children, and the shocked court was informed.

About an hour later, he turned another gun on himself at his home in nearby Normanhurst.

Jack Edwards, 15, tried to save his sister

Police raid the family home where the evil father took his children’s lives

The destroyed mother Olga took her own life six months later.

Medical examiner Teresa O’Sullivan described the devastating moment Jack crouched under his desk before attempting to rescue his terrified sister, Jennifer.

She accused the NSW police, the family court and the state gun register.

“It’s hard to imagine the pain Olga felt when she returned home that night,” said Coroner O’Sullivan.

Jennifer Edwards, 13, was also killed in the attack

“To find the police in her home and learn that her two children, whom she loved very much, were killed.”

Both of the weapons the father had used to murder his children and himself had been obtained legally from the St. Mary Pistol Club.

Court documents showed that Jack slept with a cricket bat because he was afraid of being attacked.

The investigation continues.


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