Hero doctors perform open-heart surgery as fire rips through hospital

Hero surgeons and nurses “risked their lives” in a burning hospital to perform “complex” cardiac bypass surgery.

Medics had just cut open the male patient’s chest when an inferno devoured a 114-year-old hospital in the Russian city of Blagoveschensk.

Eight brave medics stayed behind to perform the crucial operation when huge flames broke through the roof of the hospital.

The 29-year-old chief physician Valentin Filatov refused to evacuate his operating room, even though flames and thick black smoke raged through the building.

“Of course we were scared. We are human, ”he said.

“We couldn’t go, we had to save the patient …

“We continued the operation, what else are you doing?”

He stated, “It was a coronary artery bypass graft, one of the most complex heart surgeries.”

Mayor Oleg Imameev praised the “heroism” of the surgical team for risking their lives and staying at their post in the operating room of the Amur State Medical Academy Cardiology Center.

Doctors and nurses perform the heart surgery

Firefighters put out the fire

But dr. Filatov said, “There were no decisions about it.

The operation just had to continue. We have completed it in full. “

A total of 67 patients and dozens of staff were evacuated from the burning hospital by firefighters.

Hero doctors perform open-heart surgery as fire rips through hospital 1

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A video shows the moment firefighters and paramedics brought the patient out with heart surgery after his cardiac bypass was completed in the smoke of the flame.

The patient was then taken to a nearby hospital.


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