Hero dog saves owner’s life after 500ft fall by keeping him warm for 13 hours

The wonder dog named North kept owner Grga Brkic warm while she was stranded in the Croatian mountains after tumbling down a terrifying 150-foot drop

North kept its owner Brkic warm in the freezing cold for 13 hours (

Image: Facebook)

A man’s dog was branded a hero after keeping his stranded owner Grga Brkic warm while trapped in the Croatian mountains.

Brkic was in the Velebit Mountains with two other hikers when he fell down a 500-foot slope and didn’t respond.

The other two hikers alerted mountain rescue and 27 rescue workers found Brkic with North tightly wrapped around him for warmth.

In a statement on Facebook, the Croatian mountain rescue said: “Friendship and love between humans and dogs know no boundaries.

“The north came through without injuries, but his friend, a young mountaineer, wasn’t so lucky. He curled up with him and warmed him with his body.

“His loyalty did not cease after the Savior’s arrival, he was one of us who guarded his husband for 13 hours.”

Velebit is the largest mountain range in Croatia at almost 1,800 meters above sea level.

The mountain rescue warned, especially in the winter months, not to take dogs with you on hikes in poor conditions.

Mr Brkic described his dog as a “real miracle”, reports the to express.

The rescue team shared a poignant picture of the eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute lying on top of Brik while lying on the rescue stretcher.

He told the local media that “the minutes and seconds before they arrived were so slow”.

Facebook users picked up the post to share their admiration for the brave puppy and the HGSS mountain rescue service.

A user said: “A dog’s heart is beautiful, maybe it saved the man’s life …”

Another added, “How much love a dog has, we humans need to look up to these wonderful creatures.”

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