Heroic police dog first on scene after Manchester Arena attack dies

The heroic police dog, who first appeared in the 2017 Manchester Arena terrorist attack, has died.

PD Mojo worked with handler PC Phil Healy all night.

The British traffic police dog was hired to search Victoria train station and the arena for secondary explosive devices Manchester evening news.

Mojo was later awarded a People’s Ordinance on Sick Animals (PDSA) for his duty – the animal equivalent of an OBE.

Although he suffered from stress-related alopecia after the bombings, Mojo is said to have had “happy retirement” for the past three years.

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The UK traffic police announced the news on Twitter, saying: “We are so sad to say the incredible RPD Mojo has passed away after three happy years of retirement.

“He was the first dog to be present in the attack on the Manchester Arena and was later honored by Crufts for his bravery.

“We will never forget your service, Mojo. A true BTP legend.”

In 2018, PC Healy said, “There is no doubt that what Mojo experienced that night had a lasting impact on him, like all of us.

“Receiving the PDSA Order of Merit is an appropriate way of recognizing his actions. I am extremely proud of him.”

At the time, PDSA General Manager Jan McLoughlin said, “PD Mojo worked tirelessly on unimaginable scenes of destruction and utter chaos.

“His job that night was to get others to safety – members of the public along with the responding emergency services, who each played their crucial role.

“His commitment to duty makes him a deserved recipient of the PDSA Order of Merit, although he is obviously troubled by what he saw.”


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