Hilarious Lydia Moments on One Day at a Time That Are Basically Joy in GIF Form

Are you looking for remaining bits of joy in these difficult times? Let me introduce you to the inimitable Rita Moreno as Lydia Riera on Pop’s (originally Netflix’s) One day at a time.

There is no doubt that Elena and Alex’s grandmother is a natural force. Like the rest of her family, Lydia can pretty much make you laugh and sob in every episode. She will endlessly protect and suffocate her loved ones, and even take off her impeccable makeup to reveal her true self to her granddaughter. And in her golden years, Lydia – a tailor and dance icon – has still understood it very well, evoking a dramatic presence whether she opens curtains or brew Café Bustelo. Most of all, she’s just so damn funny, ready to tease her family with zingers at all times.

Now that season four has arrived, we’ve rounded up the most hilarious Lydia moments One day at a timeso put on your best dance heels and enjoy!

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