Hilarious poodle waits at the top of the stairs to scare owner every day

Chachi, a poodle from Sydney, Australia, has learned to hide around corners and jump on its unsuspecting owner

TikTok user shows her dog playing pranks on her

A miniature poodle has found a fun way to play a prank on its owner – and is now trying to “scare” it at every opportunity.

One year old apricot puppy named Chachi likes to wait at the top of the stairs for her unsuspecting owner before jumping out to scare her.

But it’s not a one-off trick for the Sydney-born poodle to jump on its owner when he comes upstairs to her.

A video posted on the TikTok account @ chachi.sherri saw a compilation of Chachi’s pranks just to prove how often he does it – but he still manages to scare his nervous human every time.

Chachi’s owner said he doesn’t scare her every time, but she often posts her reaction when he catches her off guard


TikTok @ chachi.sherri)

In the first clip, Chachi wears a blue top and listens to people approaching before he backs away around the corner and crouches to hide. He peeps his head around the railing and waits until he catches a glimpse of her as she goes up the stairs, absorbed in her phone.

He shuffles back and jumps out, causing his human to jump out of her skin.

After each “boo”, its owner overcomes the initial shock and whirls the poodle while Chachi makes a victorious spin.

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The puppy has even mastered the tip-toe sensation on its paws so that no one hears its nails on the wooden floor – and knows how to wait its time for the best scare, so that its owner drops almost everything that falls into her hands every time.

One viewer wrote: “No way, man, this dog thinks this through enough to do it over and over.”

Another added, “I’ve never seen a dog like this – so cute.”

But poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds, and the American Kennel Club calls them “viciously smart”.

Chachi waits at the top of the stairs for his owner before jumping out to scare her


TikTok @ chachi.sherri)

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