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Optical storage has gone in many different ways from 2010 to now. The explosion of online storage has shifted traditional users from optical storage to more streaming-focused providers. Hitachi-LG recently announced a new proposal for CD / DVD media users, which is mainly aimed at Android users who have a large library of audio CD / DVD media or who just want a backup of their data under Android operating system. In this review, we will examine the Hitachi-LG portableDVD Android external CD / DVD recorder.

HLDS GP96Y external CD / DVD recorder supports you watching DVD on Android TV, tablets and smart phones.
This product can play DVDs on Android TVs such as Sony, Sharp or Panasonic by connecting the supplied USB cable (Type-C).

If you install the free app (True DVD +), you can play the DVD title with your TV remote control. With the Gracenote app, you can enjoy the music while the TV screen displays album art, playlists and lyrics. It also supports DISC LINK Platinum app, which allows you to save data on DVD / CD on TV.
Not only is it for Android TV, but also works with Windows and Mac. It can play and burn DVDs. Lightweight and compact design is another advantage of this product.
In December, HLDS plans to release a Universal Data Station product that extends coverage to Chromebooks and iPads.

GP96Y, everything you need in an optical drive

GP96Y has been developed to take advantage of Android OS. Enjoy your media on your TVs, tablet PC, projectors and smartphone by simply connecting
GP96Y to Android OS devices with USB cable.

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The essence of data protection / transfer

Transfer photos, videos, music and data from your Android OS devices to an optical disc and keep them.
Also, videos, audios and data from optical discs can be played and read on your Android OS devices via DISKLINK /
TrueDVD app

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– Features / Specifications

  • Android connectivity
  • M-DISC ™ support
  • Play silently
  • Super multi compatibility
  • Win 10 and compatible with MAC OS
  • 8x writing speed
  • Slimmer to thinnest
  • Lighter to lightest

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