HMRC launches new taskforce to tackle furlough fraud

Businesses are approached by a UK government task force dedicated to tackling vacation fraud and helping fraudsters.

Investigators working for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have also found a company that had higher sales in August than it did before the coronavirus pandemic began, despite claiming to have sent all of its employees home Daily record.

Another company claimed to be closed and on leave employees while it continued to operate.

Companies could claim up to £ 2,500 per month for each employee who was unable to work during the pandemic.

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The money should be passed on to the employee to cover up to 80 percent of his wages. However, experts were concerned about the abuse of the system.

HMRC investigators said they are now linking millions of vacation claims to other records, including the August Eat Out to Help Out program.

The task force managed to reclaim £ 357,000 from a company that had threatened to fire its employees unless they survived the pandemic even if they were sick and still got vacation pay from the UK government to cover their wages demands.

The restaurant owner was also receiving £ 2,500 a month of vacation time for employees who weren’t in the book while claiming the restaurant was closed despite the takeout.

The restaurant was also making claims through the Eat Out to Help Out program even though it was reportedly closed.

HMRC said it had reclaimed £ 13,800 from the deal.

On weekdays in August 2020, restaurants could offer their customers half price meals and then charge the other half from the UK government.

Investigators comparing pre-pandemic tax returns and debit card details with data from Eat Out found that many restaurants claimed to have sold far more meals than usual in August.

Last month, the Treasury Department announced an additional £ 100 million funding to help HMRC fight fraud under the vacation program and other support programs.

The money will support a task force of 1,250 employees investigating damage cases.

Investigators have already launched 10,000 damage investigations to double the number in the future.

Around 1.3 million companies have requested nearly £ 58 billion from the UK government’s vacation program in support of £ 11.4 million since the pandemic began.

In a statement, HMRC said, “We continue to encourage companies and individuals to come forward and correct themselves if they make a mistake in their claim.

“We know applicants may have made real mistakes and no one who tried to do the right thing but made an honest mistake should be concerned as long as they work with us to fix the problem.”


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