Hogan, Northam order Marylanders and Virginians to shelter in place

“Our message today is very clear, that is, staying at home,” said Northam during a press conference in Richmond, adding, “It is clear that more people need to hear this basic message.”

Tens of thousands of federal employees work in both states, many of whom are already telecommuting as their authorities try to minimize exposure to the virus.

The The governors’ instructions on Monday come a week after the day after she ordered All nonessential companies in their states have been closed. At the time, Hogan defended his decision not to issue an order at home, saying that Maryland’s guidelines at the time were “somewhat more restrictive than other states that they call local protection.”

And both men, including Northam, only started debating the severity of their restrictions on Friday as a “semantics” issue. When asked what caused him to change his mind, Doctor Northam referred to his experiences with “mass accident events”. However, the governor was outraged that the state’s beaches and recreation areas were “literally full” at the weekend.

“I also see people gathering on the beach and completely ignoring what we are doing,” he said, “and I will remind these people: they are very, very selfish because you accommodate us all, including our healthcare providers, in danger.”

So far, he added, protection on the spot has been a suggestion for the Virginians. Today it’s an order. “

Its policy, which excludes beaches other than sports and fishing, applies until June 10th.

Hogan told reporters on Monday that up to 1,413 cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in Maryland and that infections in people of just one month have occurred in this state. Deaths in the state tripled from five to 15 over the weekend, he said.

Hogan pointed to an outbreak of respiratory disease that is becoming increasingly dangerous in the elderly and those with underlying health problems in a Maryland nursing home where 67 people have tested positive for the virus and 27 employees have symptoms.

In Virginia, the Northam government announced that there are currently 1,020 confirmed cases in the state, and told reporters that he expects the Commonwealth to see an impending increase in patients who need to be hospitalized because of the virus.

The two executive orders also come a day after President Donald Trump said he would extend Federal government recommendations on social distancing by the end of April, based on an earlier statement that he hoped to reopen large parts of the country by mid-April.

In the Washington, DC metropolitan area, which includes parts of Maryland, cases had quadrupled in the past week and warned that the region was very similar to the massive outbreak in the New York three-state region in just two weeks could be. Hogan and Northam will join more than two dozen other states and numerous other cities to order local protection.

Hogan said his latest policy had followed some of the country’s “earliest and most aggressive” social distancing measures, and both he and Northam asked everyone on Monday to travel to Maryland or Virginia from the state’s self-quarantine.

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