Holiday latest with nations expecting green travel status

There are fears that the UK government may continue to restrict destinations open to quarantine-free travel to ease pressure on the country’s borders – the vacation hopes of hoards of travelers are dashed.

Several reports have claimed that opening up to popular targets would be overwhelming for the British border guards and this remains a problem for politicians and officials.

Several new countries were expected to be added to the Green List in the coming days, but this is now doubted.

The list currently consists of Ascension Island, Australia, Brunei, the Falkland Islands, the Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel, New Zealand, Portugal, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Singapore, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

According to reports, Malta, some Spanish and Greek islands, Finland and several resorts in the Caribbean could make the list.

This is the case in some destinations.


The UK government has not released the information used to determine whether a country should be classified as red, yellow or green, but comparisons between nations and their covid and jab rates give a good idea of ​​where They stand.

When Portugal was put on the green list, it had a coronavirus case rate of around 53 cases per 100,000 people and around 10 percent of the population were vaccinated.

According to data from late last week, Spain had a case rate of 72 / 100,000 and a first-dose vaccination rate of 36.76 percent, which means it is suffering more infections than Portugal, but its vaccination program is much more advanced. However, in the Balearic and Canary Islands these tariffs are greatly reduced, which gives holidaymakers hope that they can be taken independently.

Travel traffic light map of Europe

The Balearic Islands have kept the 14-day incidence rate below 50, while the Spanish average is more than 100 cases per 100,000 people.

Spain’s tourism minister said the country was in a good place and he was sure it would get on the green list.

Fernando Valdes claimed “Spain is going to great lengths” to introduce vaccines and “with our notification rates which are quite low and have the same notification reach as the UK”.

Spain lifted all restrictions on British travelers on May 24, meaning visitors no longer need to take a PCR Covid-19 test to enter.


The country has already opened its borders to tourists regardless of their vaccination status. However, it is currently on the UK’s yellow list, which means self-isolation and a series of tests will be required upon return.

Malta had a case rate of 8.74 / 100,000 and a vaccination rate of 70.64 percent at the end of last week.


The country has high vaccination rates and low cases of infection. However, there are still border restrictions in place to keep the virus from spreading.

Non-essential travel from third countries, including the UK, is currently severely restricted.


Another vacation destination that is very likely to unlock.

With around a third of the population having had a first vaccination and a case rate of just 7.3 / 100,000, all signs are good for those fortunate enough to be able to afford a trip to this particular island paradise.


The Caribbean state has a very low vacation rate, with only five percent of the population receiving a single dose.

However, it also has a low point coronavirus case rate of 20 / 100,000, which means the chances of getting the virus out there are slim.

It is highly recommended to get the green status.

United States

The US is in a much better position than it was in early 2021.

A nation that just a few months ago was losing thousands of citizens every day to Covid-19 now has a case rate of 70 / 100,000, with nearly 50 percent of people being vaccinated.

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Several state governors, including those in Texas and Florida, have lifted mask mandates and social distancing rules, bringing life largely back to normal in many parts of the United States.

It is hoped that an agreement can be reached to exempt vaccinated British and American travelers from quarantine restrictions. A quarantine-free air corridor with the US would be the first agreement to give vaccinated travelers preferential treatment across the UK.


Greece is a country that, after the recent high with a current case rate of 168.81 / 100,000, is unfortunately struggling to get its case numbers under control. A third of the population has been bitten and several islands are Covid-free.


Cyprus is a vacation hotspot that could go either way in terms of classification. It has a 43 percent vaccination rate, but its 102 / 100,000 infection count is roughly twice that of Portugal when it was classified as green.


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