Holidays abroad may be possible 'because of vaccine success'

A vacation abroad this summer “should be possible” this year due to the success of the vaccination rollout, it was claimed.

According to reports sent to ministers, having a high vaccination rate along with Covid tests would reduce the risk of travel.

The study says it would be possible for people to travel to countries with higher infection rates than in 2020 without risking more pressure on the NHS.

This is said to include most of Europe as well as the Caribbean, North Africa, and the United States. The mirror reports.

The analysis was reportedly submitted by the Manchester Airports Group to the government’s task force examining international travel.

The Times reports that ministers will meet to discuss plans for vaccination certificates and overseas travel.

The newspaper reports that tests are expected to be conducted over the long term for those entering the UK to track down new variants.

Currently, people are fined £ 5,000 for traveling abroad for no good reason, e.g. B. for work or to visit a dying relative or to attend a funeral.

Multi-household domestic breaks are permitted in England on May 17th at the earliest.

A task force led by the transport secretary is analyzing the possibility of reopening international travel. A report is due to be submitted to Boris Johnson in the coming days.

It is not believed that any outbound travel dates will be set when the results are released next week.

One form of the traffic light system is reportedly also a consideration in which “red” countries would be banned, “amber” would require a negative test and quarantine, and “green” would be an exemption.

The Times reports that many countries are unlikely to achieve green status until later this summer.

“The idea is that people will accept sacrificing their summer vacation abroad if it means more freedom here,” the source said.

They added, “There is also an argument in the government that this could have some benefits as spending in the UK will continue to rise.”

The summer vacation plans are in serious doubt as a third wave of Covid affects many European countries and also has to contend with the introduction of vaccines.

The Prime Minister will provide additional information on overseas travel on April 5, a week before the Global Travel Task Force is due to report to the government.


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