Holly Willoughby gets Phillip Schofield interested in crystals

Holly Willoughby got her TV co-host Phillip Schofield addicted to healing crystals.

As reported in the mirrors, Phillip, 59, said the crystals enabled him to be “in tune with the planet.”

The This Morning host added, “I believe in the power of crystals. I spend way too much time with Holly, but she convinced me that there is a lot in there. “

Once the star even left its valuable amethyst geodes outside overnight to allow the special pink super moon to “clean” the rock.

Holly previously told viewers that she put green fluorite crystal on son Chester’s bed to cure his terrible nightmares.

She often meditates before work while holding a crystal ball.

But Phillip doesn’t believe in ghosts. He said, “I’m a bit of a proof guy. I’ll believe anything if you can provide me with evidence … and I haven’t seen anything yet. Nothing I really believed in. “

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